Check out what these Sunnyvale community leaders have to say about Glenn.

“Glenn Hendricks knows Sunnyvale. He has an understanding of the community from childhood to adulthood. He understands the challenges of raising a second generation in this community and is dedicated to taking an active role to provide a vibrant future for new generations to come. I wholeheartedly ask for your vote on November 5, 2013 for Glenn Hendricks.”
– Elaine Alquist, California State Senator, Retired

“Completing the Sunnyvale Town Center is a top priority for Glenn. He has taken the time to understand the financial ramifications of more delays and he also understands the benefit to Sunnyvale’s economy, and to our community to have a vibrant downtown. As Assessor I know first-hand that completing this project will create much needed property tax revenue for our schools and the City of Sunnyvale. He is committed to working diligently to bring all parties together and brokering an agreement to get our downtown completed. Glenn has the understanding, knowledge, skills, and determination needed on the Council to finally bring this project to completion. It is why I am enthusiastically supporting him.”
- Larry Stone, Santa Clara County Assessor and Former Mayor, City of Sunnyvale

“As Sunnyvale residents, we need dedicated Council Members that will look at all sides of each issue and listen to the community as a whole prior to passing judgment on the matters before them. Glenn has proven active listening skills that are needed to be a fair and representative Council Member.”
– Tony Spitaleri, Mayor, City of Sunnyvale

“Glenn has been involved in the Sunnyvale community for years volunteering in the schools and most recently on the planning commission. I have admired his thoughtful insights and careful analysis as he makes decisions. He will be a great addition to the City Council.”
– Dean Chu, Former Mayor, City of Sunnyvale

“I am endorsing Glenn Hendricks due to his unwavering character and his deep understanding of the role of councilmember and this community. Glenn will truly take his role as councilmember to heart having grown up in this community, played in our parks and attended the same schools our youth are attending now. He is fair in his assessments and has the ability to balance the needs of all aspects of our community – residents, students and businesses.”
– Pat Castillo, Former Mayor, City of Sunnyvale and 2013 Sunnyvale Resident of the Year

“I am honored to be endorsing Glenn Hendricks for City Council. He is intelligent and does his due diligence to understand both sides of an issue before him prior to making a decision. I am confident that he will make a respectful, rational and fantastic Councilmember.”
- Dr. Robin Parker-Cox, Former Mayor, City of Sunnyvale

“Glenn has the experience and utmost integrity to help Sunnyvale move forward on building a vibrant and welcoming Downtown.”
– Otto Lee, Former Mayor and Planning Commissioner, City of Sunnyvale

“Glenn is a dedicated community member who comes without an agenda, only a desire to serve the residents well. He has been a valuable member of the Planning Commission showing he is a thoughtful, reasonable person with a great deal of integrity.”
– Melinda Hamilton, Former Mayor, City of Sunnyvale

“Sunnyvale needs Glenn Hendricks on the City Council. He knows how the city works and understands the job of City Council from his years of service on the Planning Commission. Glenn is reasonable, rational and responsible and thinks quickly, logically, and critically. Glenn works with diverse groups on gnarly issues to find fiscally responsible and workable solutions. His diversified background as a former Marine, Senior Engineering Manager, Sunnyvale Commissioner, volunteer, husband and father coupled with his intimate knowledge of Sunnyvale having grown up here, will provide our community as a whole the representation needed going forward.”
– Tara Martin-Milius, Councilmember, City of Sunnyvale

"I am endorsing Glenn for City Council because he has been an engaged community member and he cares deeply for Sunnyvale. I appreciate his involvement in our school district, and his desire to do the right thing for our kids and community as a whole."
– Reid Myers, Vice President, Sunnyvale School District Board of Education

“I have learned a lot from Glenn while we have served together on the Planning Commission, and I consider him as a mentor and friend. While Commissioner Hendricks and I do not always agree on matters before the Planning Commission, what I know is that he will actively listen to all viewpoints and keep an open mind, right up to the point he casts his vote. If Glenn disagrees with you on something, he does so respectfully, never forsaking a future opportunity for collaboration and finding common ground. Further, Glenn has a deep understanding of the community as well as the city’s policies and goals. He is respectful to members of the public, and works extraordinarily well with city staff. On any given land-use application, Glenn is quick to understand the policy implications, and he is particularly adept at making motions that a majority of his fellow commissioners can support.”
– Russ Melton, Sunnyvale Planning Commissioner

“I have worked with Glenn on the Charter Review Commission and the Planning Commission. Glenn thoughtfully listens to all viewpoints, asks questions and promotes his viewpoints respectfully. I think he has the best interests of the citizens in Sunnyvale in mind when working on the Commission.”
– Ken Olevson, Sunnyvale Planning Commissioner

Glenn Hendricks is clearly the stand-out candidate for Seat 2. I appreciate his straight-forward honesty, his concern for our city, and his civil and respectful approach. Glenn's independent and critical thinking, broad knowledge of city issue and government, and his experience on two Sunnyvale commissions would enable Glenn to contribute from day one.
– Barbara Fukumoto, Sunnyvale Sustainability Commissioner

"I worked with Glenn on the Sunnyvale City Charter Review committee and was very impressed with his ability to work respectfully with all the committee members. He worked in a rational manner to help produce our report. Additionally, his experience on the Planning Commission has given him insights into some important issues the city faces."
– Terry Fowler, Sunnyvale Resident & 2011 Sunnyvale Charter Review Committee Member

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Glenn Hendricks for the past five years through involvement in Sunnyvale Youth Sports leagues. Glenn is a dedicated servant who is always willing to help. I am confident that he will bring that same enthusiasm and dedication to serve on our city council and ensure Sunnyvale has the brightest future possible.”
– John Riemenschnitter, Sunnyvale Resident

“Over the last eight years I have watched Glenn actively participate in our Sunnyvale community in a variety of ways. Through coaching youth sports, volunteering at our local schools, actively engaging in the school district’s budgeting process, and participating in PTA and school board meetings and planning, Glenn has demonstrated a commitment to working hard in and for our community.”
– Amanda Tonner Estes, Sunnyvale Resident

“I had the privilege of meeting Glenn five years ago when I began coaching his son in a variety of sports. During this time, Glenn has been a terrific supporter of Sunnyvale youth athletics and has always given selflessly of his time and effort. He does not wait to be asked to participate. When he sees something that needs to be done, he engages himself. Glenn demonstrates a keen ability to work effectively with others and often engages others with a unassuming demeanor, while listening intently in order to find solutions to problems.”
– Raul Felipa, Sunnyvale Resident and Youth Sports Coach

“Most children view their parents as the strongest people they know. As a child, I felt the same way. When I became an adult, I had the opportunity to view my dad in a new light. I have found my dad to be knowledgeable and fair. He is a man of integrity which comes through in everything he does. Sunnyvale was instrumental in providing a strong foundation for the man he has become. My dad is running for City Council to provide those same opportunities to my brother, sister and myself as well as other families. Sunnyvale is a wonderful place to live and he has the desire and dedication to ensure it stays that way.”
– Grant Hendricks